5 Fantastic Ways To Download Instagram Video You Haven’t Heard Of


Download Instagram videos :Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms in recent years, with over 1 billion active users. People share their daily lives, showcase their talents, and entertain their followers with captivating videos.

But what if you come across a video on Instagram that you want to save for offline viewing? Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t offer a built-in feature to download videos directly from the app. But don’t worry! In this blog post, we will explore five fantastic ways to download Instagram videos that you probably haven’t heard of. So let’s dive in!

Method 1: Using Online Video Downloader Websites

Online video downloader websites have gained popularity in recent years due to their simplicity and convenience. These websites allow you to download videos from various platforms, including Instagram. Here’s how you can use an online video downloader to save Instagram videos:

Download Instagram Video
Download Instagram Video

1.Open Instagram on your computer or mobile browser and find the video you want to download.

2.Copy the video’s URL by clicking on the three dots (…) above the post and selecting “Copy Link.”

3.Go to an online video downloader website like SaveFrom.net or Dredown.

4.Paste the copied URL into the provided field on the website.

5.Select the desired video quality and click on the download button.

6.Wait for the download to complete and save the video to your device.

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Method 2: Using Video Downloading Apps

If you prefer downloading videos directly on your mobile device without relying on online platforms, video downloading apps are the way to go. These apps offer seamless integration with Instagram and allow you to download videos with just a few taps. Follow these steps to use a video downloading app:

1.Install a video downloading app like InstaSaver or Video Downloader for Instagram from your device’s app store.

2.Open the Instagram app on your device and find the video you want to download.

3.Tap on the three dots (…) above the post and select “Copy Link.”

4.Open the video downloading app and it will automatically detect the copied link.

5.Tap on the download button to save the video to your device.

Method 3: Utilizing Browser Extensions

If you often find yourself downloading Instagram videos and prefer a more streamlined approach, browser extensions can be incredibly useful. These extensions integrate directly into your web browser and provide a hassle-free experience. Let’s see how you can use a browser extension to download Instagram videos:

1.Install a browser extension like “Video Downloader Professional” for Google Chrome or “Download Video” for Mozilla Firefox.

2.Open Instagram on your browser and find the video you want to download.

3.Click on the video downloading extension’s icon located near your browser’s address bar.

4.The extension will detect the video on the page and display a download button.

5.Click on the download button to save the video to your computer.

Method 4: Using Screen Recording Software

If you can’t find a suitable online downloader or app for downloading Instagram videos, you can resort to screen recording software. Although this method might not offer the highest video quality, it’s a surefire way to save any video playing on your device’s screen. Follow these steps to use screen recording software:

1.On your computer, install screen recording software like OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) or Camtasia.

2.Open Instagram on your computer and find the video you want to save.

3.Set up your screen recording software to capture the desired portion of your screen.

4.Start the screen recording and play the Instagram video.

5.Once the video finishes playing, stop the screen recording and save the captured video file.

Method 5: Requesting the Video from the Original Uploader

If you want to download an Instagram video that you don’t own or have access to, reaching out to the original uploader can be an effective solution. By kindly asking them to send you the video, you can obtain it directly without the need for any additional tools or methods. Follow these steps to request the video from the original uploader:

1.Send a direct message (DM) to the person who uploaded the video on Instagram.

2.Politely explain your intention to download the video and the reason behind it.

3.Ask them if they could share the video with you directly.

4.Once the uploader agrees, they can send the video through Instagram’s direct messaging feature.

5.Download the video sent by the uploader to your device.


Although Instagram doesn’t provide a direct way to download videos, there are plenty of fantastic methods to save your favorite Instagram videos for offline usage. From online video downloader websites to screen recording software, and from video downloading apps to browser extensions, each method offers its unique advantages. Next time you come across a captivating Instagram video, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to download it and enjoy it whenever you want.

So go ahead, give these methods a try, and enhance your Instagram video watching experience!


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